Under the Rain of Drones, Lying Generalities and Double Talk – By Malik Sekou Osei


….Under the Rain of Drones, Lying Generalities and Double Talk, Going Back to 2011 …Reality Check – By Malik Sekou Osei

I guess, one would argue and say they had the pleasure of hear the presidents eloquent address of “The State of the Union,” as we were all treated to this negro coward liar give his classic drivel of “times are actual better.”

From this presidential performance of benign and glib generalities of a schizophrenic liar of gun control and droning innocence people abroad, without charge, reality check.

Most, if not all of his elucidation of pie in the sky prevarications of falsehoods, to an all ready pacified and politically disarmed American audition, by a slew of undercover a Obamites pretending to “left” or “Nationalist” of race activists or dilly mouth white liberals, who argue that they can force Obama to reform by appealing to his popular democratic sensibilities.

While, the once left radicals are more concern with cooperating with the Obama administration then organizing public opinion against it.

Like the essay by Amiri Baraka and his silliness called the “Tea Party Grows a Negro Tail,” one had to guess was our comrade struggling with naivety or dementia in defense of President Obama and his administration. Perhaps a lot of our older activist are just politically and socially irrelevant to the struggle for justice and change, or more to the point he and they has become as relevant as a snow cone in the middle of a snow storm. While

While, what has to be noted is that a lot of the pro-Obama forces don’t live in the world of reality, theirs is the world of make-believe of crass opportunism, hoping to be the brokers of discontent politically at a local level.

However, what has to be noted by this empty platitudes of nauseating performance, Obama tries to invoke a historical imagery by invoking JFK, while his speech was profanely a-historical. But the one element of history that this president doesn’t want anyone to remember is 2011, when the schemes of his distinguished and large agreements with the GOP were made crystal clear. For his treatment for the % 99 percent and the future, “austerity in peoples programs is traded for tax breaks for corporations that will, in totally discredited theory, bring back the jobs they has outsourced overseas.”

This was an ardent speech with the same depth as a Hallmark card by a misanthropic coward politico, who offers nothing more than corporate tax incentives and at the same time giving the % 99 percent austerity. This “Buckwheat” character from a corporate minstrel show laid his delivery with positive lyrics of the silly magical thinking as “We Are The World,” meaning “We Want The World…” While he would use unreal meaninglessness words like a rapper on crack, like his saying the word “progress,” a number of times. But the fact that can’t be misunderstood, is that “Buckwheat’s’ only substantive message was that he is prepared to complete the austerity program he laid with the Republicans back in 2011. Thus in the mind of this “Buckwheat” president as he argues as “progress” that “we are more than halfway towards the goal of [a] $4 trillion in deficit reduction that economists say we need to stabilize our finance,” and what this actual means is that this “Buckwheat” minstrel of imperialism and corporate capital will lay with the GOP in gutting more than $2 trillions more, on the backs of the %99 percent.

While another profound and fundamental detail in “Buckwheat’s” Obama State of the Union speech last week was his passing and euphemistically worded points of his program of extra-judicial drone assassinations on innocent people and children. He goes to say: “Where necessary, through a range of capabilities, we will continue to take direct action against those terrorists who pose the gravest threat to Americans.”

What every congressman, senator, cabinet member, Supreme Court justice and general in the House chamber knew that with that argument Obama was defending his power to on the Q.T. In ordering the execution of anyone in any part of the world, including American citizens, like the two Yemeni American citizens in Yemen, whose case was taken by the Center of Constitutional Rights (CCR). This president went on to make this very clear, that he was intending on making U.S. state murder a irreversible and completely institutionalized government function.

He goes on to say that he worked “tirelessly to forge a durable legal and policy framework” to guide such operations. While, this negro coward harlot went on to say he will be open to suggestions for giving the assassination program a fig leaf of “transparency” and legality, pledging to “engage with Congress to ensure… our targeting, detention and prosecution of terrorists remains consistent with our laws and system of checks and balances…”

That such a statement could be made before a joint session of Congress, to the general approbation of those in attendance, underscores the crucial aspect of the real state of the American union that received no mention in Obama’s address or any of the media commentary—the catastrophic state of American democracy.

The speech came just over a week after the publication of a Justice Department white paper laying out a pseudo-legal justification for Obama’s claim to the power, unchecked by judicial or congressional oversight, to order the assassination of American citizens. This declaration, already acted on in the drone missile murder of three Americans, abolishes democratic principles that go back hundreds of years and renders the Bill of Rights and its guarantee of due process a dead letter.

The US government now claims the type of unchecked powers previously associated with fascist regimes and military juntas. The white paper follows the enactment of military funding bills that sanction indefinite military detention of accused terrorists and their alleged supporters, including US citizens.

Last weeks State of the Union speech will soon be followed by Congress’ stamp of approval on this sweeping assault on democratic rights, with the Senate’s confirmation of Obama’s pick to head the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, currently the chief White House counterterrorism adviser and overseer of the administration’s drone assassination program.

The real question, completely evaded in Obama’s demagogic and dishonest speech, is what in the state of the American union gives rise to the accelerating movement toward police state forms of rule.

The speech itself was an attempt to use left-sounding rhetoric to give a “progressive” gloss to a reactionary, anti-working class program. Obama began with the lying claim that war is a thing of the past and the economic crisis is over. (“After a decade of grinding war, our brave men and women in uniform are coming home… Together, we have cleared away the rubble of crisis…”).

Resenting himself as the defender of the great American “middle class”—a complete abstraction designed to conceal the existence of a working class—Obama declared that the task of government is to work “on behalf of the many, and not just the few.” This is a principle that bears no relation either to the conditions that exist in the US or the policies Obama had and has chased in the last four years.

In fact, in the very next breath, Obama gives himself self-praise of having already cut $2.5 trillion from the deficit, “mostly through spending cuts,” and proposed to cut hundreds of billions more from the social entitlement programs—Medicare and Social Security—upon which tens of millions of elderly Americans depend. Using Republican proposals for even deeper cuts as a foil, he proposed to accompany this unprecedented attack on social programs with the elimination of unspecified tax loopholes for the wealthy, supposedly resulting in “everybody doing their fair share.”

The rest of his laundry list of token proposals to help the middle class was of the same malignant character. He proposed, for example, to make America a “magnet for new jobs and manufacturing.” He applauded the return of manufacturing by Caterpillar, Ford, Intel and Apple to American shores, neglecting to mention that US corporate “in-shoring” was based on massive cuts in workers’ wages and benefits.

Obama made much of a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour. This would, in fact, leave a family of three existing on a minimum wage paycheck below the absurdly low official poverty threshold.

On foreign policy, Obama proclaimed that the Afghanistan war would be over by the end of 2014. He then invoked 9/11 and the “war on terror,” praised US military interventions in Libya, Yemen and Somalia and US support for the French invasion of Mali, threatened North Korea and Iran, and reiterated Washington’s policy of regime-change in Syria.

There was absolutely nothing in the speech that reflected the actual state of American society. Far from the crisis being over, more than four years after the Wall Street crash of 2008, unemployment—which Obama barely mentioned—remains at near-Depression levels. Poverty, hunger and homelessness continue to increase.

Workers’ wages continue to decline, while corporate profits and CEO pay reach record heights. Under Obama, the chasm between rich and poor has grown wider.

Two statistics provide a sense of the scale of social inequality in America. During Obama’s first term, %93 percent of all income gains went to the richest %1 percent of Americans, and over the period 2007-2010, US median net worth declined by %38.8 percent.

Such stupefying and growing levels of social gutting of the safety net of the %99 percent are antagonistic with democratic forms of bourgeois rule. The Wall Street aristocracy whose interests Obama serves means to widen the gap by intensifying the assault on the % 99 percent wages and working conditions and dismantlement of what remains of the social reforms of the 1930s and 1960s in other words the safety net.

The conditions that will be created will not only heighten class tensions, but the need of a slew of class and race traders like Amiri Baraka and other Obama-mites through arguments whose only role is to disarm political resistance by campaigning for the Obama presidency as the lesser of the two evils, while ignoring that “Buckwheat” is the more effective of the two evils. The American %1 percent is not blind to the buildup of %99 percent opposition—not only in the US, but internationally—to the policies of austerity and war. It is in expectancy of social upheavals in the US on a scale not seen since the 1930s that the Obama administration and the entire political establishment are putting into place the model for %99 percent repression and dictatorial rule.

While the irony that the Obama administration has not reach out to these forces, the only Black flunky opportunist that has gotten a position was the now very thin Rev. Al Shapton.

For what people like Amiri Baraka and the rest of the ambivalent Obama-mites never seem to understand through all their political “left” posturing is that “history is on our side, but not time.”

Malik Sekou Osei

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