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Nigeria Ranks 91 In World’s Happiest Countries Survey

World-Happiness-Report-2018-Nigeria Finland is the world’s happiest country, according to an annual survey issued on Wednesday that put Burundi at the bottom of the happiness index and Nigerians at 91st position. The survey also found Read more [...]

Six Africans Shot By Racist Italian Man

Italy-drive-by-shooting An Italian man opened fire on African migrants in the central city of Macerata on Saturday, injuring six people before he was captured, in what police said was a racially motivated attack. The shootings Read more [...]

How China Spied on African Union’s Computers

AU-Building China built and paid for the African Union’s computer network – but inserted a backdoor allowing it access to the continental organisation’s confidential information In January 2017, the information Read more [...]

Governor Obaseki – Making Edo State Nigeria’s Investment Destination? – By Paul Omoruyi

Alaghodaro-Summit There was time, not so far back, that communication between a Nigerian State Governor and the citizens was virtually non-existent. A Governor is only seen on TV or in tinted siren-blazing SUV convoys zig-zagging Read more [...]

Five Arrested in Delhi over Assault on Nigerian

India-African Police in the Indian capital Delhi have arrested five people after a video circulated showing what appears to be a mob severely beating a Nigerian man. They have also detained the Nigerian, whom some Read more [...]

U.S. Lifts Sanctions On Sudan, Ending Two Decades Of Embargo

Omar Bashir The United States permanently lifted a raft of sanctions on Sudan Friday, saying the African nation had begun addressing concerns on fighting terrorism as well as human rights abuses against civilians Read more [...]

Again: British Airways Stewardess Insults Nigerians

British-Airways-Staff British Airways has launched an investigation after a video emerged of an air stewardess making racist comments about passengers on a flight to Nigeria. The woman, dressed in a BA uniform, apparently Read more [...]

President Mugabe Likens U.S. President Trump to Biblical Goliath


In a UN Speech, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has likened President Trump to the biblical Goliath who threatens the extinction of other countries.


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President Trump ‘invents’ New African country Called “Nambia”

trump-africa "Nambia's health system is increasingly self-sufficient," said US President Donald Trump at a lunch with African leaders in New York, reeling off a list of their nations' achievements.   Read more [...]

Nigeria’s ‘Queen of Golf’ Mentors Next Generation of Potential Pros

Golf is slowly gaining popularity in Nigeria. Every Saturday, young people take lessons at the IBB International Golf and Country Club in the Nigerian capital of Abuja. Uloma Mbuko is the lead instructor. (Chika Oduah for VOA) About 30 youngsters were on a golf course, practicing their swing on a hot Saturday morning in the Nigerian capital, Abuja. The students were as young as 3 and as old as 16. For nearly a year, they've Read more [...]

Mugabe Donates $1 million to African Union From “Cattle Sales”

Lavrov-Mugabe Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said on Monday he was donating $1 million to the African Union (AU), hoping to set an example for African countries to finance AU programmes and wean it off funding from Read more [...]

Kenya Opens Majestic $3.2bn Express Railway

Kenya-Train Kenya has opened a major new railway between the port city of Mombasa and the capital, Nairobi, 18 months early. President Uhuru Kenyatta said during the launch that the $3.2bn (£2.5bn) Chinese-funded Read more [...]