Six Africans Shot By Racist Italian Man

Six Africans Shot By Racist Italian ManAn Italian man opened fire on African migrants in the central city of Macerata on Saturday, injuring six people before he was captured, in what police said was a racially [more]

How China Spied on African Union’s Computers

How China Spied on African Union’s ComputersChina built and paid for the African Union’s computer network – but inserted a backdoor allowing it access to the continental organisation’s confidential [more]

Governor Obaseki – Making Edo State Nigeria’s Investment Destination? – By Paul Omoruyi

Governor Obaseki – Making Edo State Nigeria’s Investment Destination? – By Paul OmoruyiThere was time, not so far back, that communication between a Nigerian State Governor and the citizens was virtually non-existent. A Governor is only seen on TV or in [more]

Five Arrested in Delhi over Assault on Nigerian

Five Arrested in Delhi over Assault on NigerianPolice in the Indian capital Delhi have arrested five people after a video circulated showing what appears to be a mob severely beating a Nigerian man. They have also [more]

U.S. Lifts Sanctions On Sudan, Ending Two Decades Of Embargo

U.S. Lifts Sanctions On Sudan, Ending Two Decades Of EmbargoThe United States permanently lifted a raft of sanctions on Sudan Friday, saying the African nation had begun addressing concerns on fighting terrorism as well as human [more]

Again: British Airways Stewardess Insults Nigerians

Again: British Airways Stewardess Insults NigeriansBritish Airways has launched an investigation after a video emerged of an air stewardess making racist comments about passengers on a flight to Nigeria. The woman, [more]


Chido Onumah

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Nigerian Court Convicts 3 Russians, 3 Ukrainians, 7 Filipinos for Illegal Oil Bunkering

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Obama’s Africa Legacy – Transformational Change? Time Will Tell – By Dr. K.Y. Amoako

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How To ‘Not Understand’ Nigeria – By Zurab Elzarov

In A New History of a Turbulent Century, Richard Bourne ...
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Bukola Mesujamba Saraki Last Minute Shopping To Buy Justice – By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Finally, after unprecedented delays, orchestrated postponements, and induced adjournments, Bukola ...
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Nigeria Removes 24,000 Ghost Workers

The Nigerian government has removed nearly 24,000 workers from its ...
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Bukola Saraki

A Senate Of Paradox: Mesujamba Begs “Mere Commissioner” To Beg Jagaban – By Bayo Oluwasanmi

A hard truth about being a Nigerian senator is that ...
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The Money Laundering Act And Its Discontents – By Chido Onumah

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Cadets From Hell, Or Civilizing The Nigerian Military – By Chido Onumah

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#buynaijatogrowthenaira – Nigerians Social Media Campaign To Save The Naira

Nigerians on Twitter have been getting patriotic in a bid ...
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Governor Ayodele Fayose Has No Immunity He’s A Goner! By Bayo Oluwasanmi

“There is no immunity for impunity as far as electoral ...
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Supreme Court Of Injustice – By Godwin Onyeacholem

President Muhammadu Buhari deserves the sympathy of the multitude of ...
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Nigeria:16 Million Visit Facebook On Mobile Monthly

Facebook announced 16 million people in Nigeria visit Facebook every ...
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Nigeria President: We Won’t Devalue Our Currency

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has told the BBC that he ...
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Issues Africa Head of States Will Discuss In Addis Ababa

1. Resolving the crisis in Burundi Conflict continues to rage in ...
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Eritrea “Two Wives” Story Is A Hoax

A satirical story that Eritrean men have been ordered to ...
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South African Women Awarded Bursary For Being ‘Virgins’

Remain virgins or we will take away your bursaries. This ...
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Corruption Fights Back: EFCC Vs A Reactionary Elite – By Chido Onumah

Slowly but steadily, the ultra conservative wing of Nigeria’s largely ...
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Donald Trump Tells Nigerians To Go Back Home

American billionaire and republican presidential front-runner, Donald trumps has shot ...
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Dr. Martin Luther King Day – Keeping The Dream

I am happy to join with you today in what ...
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Nigeria Telecom Subscriber Base On The Rise

Nigeria’s telecommunications operators reported an 11.9 percent rise in the ...
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  1. ObibaJoe says:

    Africa have a long way to go. I dont see why our leaders can’t go out of the continent and recruit smart intelligent Africans with good ideas to help our people. If China can sponsor companies in china to aquire Intellectual properties by stealing to go help it economy, why can’t Africa ? Africa has all the natural resources there is so why are our leaders putting our monies in switch banks and signing agreement that doesn’t benefit the people. WHY? This makes me sick and I am tied of this nonsense.