Nigeria Presidential Candidate Sowore to Visit Benin City for a Town-hall Meeting

Nigeria Presidential Candidate Sowore to Visit Benin City for a Town-hall Meeting Omoyele Sowore will be in Benin City tomorrow for a town hall meeting to hear your concerns. Go ask him questions about what you want to see happen in Edo [more]

Nigeria Ranks 91 In World's Happiest Countries Survey

Nigeria Ranks 91 In World's Happiest Countries SurveyFinland is the world’s happiest country, according to an annual survey issued on Wednesday that put Burundi at the bottom of the happiness index and Nigerians at 91st [more]

Six Africans Shot By Racist Italian Man

Six Africans Shot By Racist Italian ManAn Italian man opened fire on African migrants in the central city of Macerata on Saturday, injuring six people before he was captured, in what police said was a racially [more]

How China Spied on African Union’s Computers

How China Spied on African Union’s ComputersChina built and paid for the African Union’s computer network – but inserted a backdoor allowing it access to the continental organisation’s confidential [more]

Governor Obaseki – Making Edo State Nigeria’s Investment Destination? – By Paul Omoruyi

Governor Obaseki – Making Edo State Nigeria’s Investment Destination? – By Paul OmoruyiThere was time, not so far back, that communication between a Nigerian State Governor and the citizens was virtually non-existent. A Governor is only seen on TV or in [more]

Five Arrested in Delhi over Assault on Nigerian

Five Arrested in Delhi over Assault on NigerianPolice in the Indian capital Delhi have arrested five people after a video circulated showing what appears to be a mob severely beating a Nigerian man. They have also [more]



Nigerian Becomes First Black Woman President Of Harvard Law Review

A Nigerian, ImeIme Umana, has made history as the first ...
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Start Of The Trump Years: What’s In It For Africa? – By Ogbonna Nwuke

I mopped at the TV screen as Donald Trump took ...
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Trump Bars Door To Refugees, Visitors From Seven Mainly Muslim Nations

U.S. green card holders from Syria and six other Muslim-majority ...
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Black South Africans Still Earn Far Less Than Whites: Survey

Black South Africans earned on average only about one-fifth as ...
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Uche Ugboajah

Magu: President Buhari Did The Right Thing – By Uche Ugboajah

The news that President Muhammadu Buhari has resubmitted the name ...
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UN Security Council Recognizes Barrow as Gambia’s Legitimate President

The United Nations Security Council has recognized new Gambian leader ...
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Thinking With You..The Year Ahead In Nigeria – By Bayo Oluwasanmi

A new year brings an opportunity to look ahead. So, ...
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Nigeria Offers Gambian President Asylum, If He Steps Down

Yahya Jammeh, Gambia, Adama Barrow, Nigeria, diasporascop Jammeh, who has ruled ...
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Nigerians, Foreign Products Insanity and Fake Food Hullabaloo – By Paul Omoruyi

I am calling on the Nigerian Government to declare a ...
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Nigeria: Diaspora Remittance Hits U.S.$35 Billion in 2016

Remittance from Nigerians living abroad to the economy has hit ...
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Young Nigerian Entrepreneur Turned Down Bill Gates To Build Tech Startup

In August, when Chris Kwekowe met Bill Gates during a ...
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A Tribute to Fidel Castro, A True Friend of Africa

Fidel Castro’s death divides the world. Yet for many across ...
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Time For Nigeria to Outlaw ‘Jungle Justice’ By Tony Ogunlowo

For as long as one can remember there has always ...
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Chido Onumah

Trump, The Tragic Case Of Bridget Agbahime And The Death Of A Nation By Chido Onumah

Two weeks ago, while the world faced the frightening prospect ...
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Edo State Banana Republic and Governor Obaseki’s legacy – By Paul Omoruyi

Let me congratulate Governor Obaseki on his new job as ...
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Nigerian Born US-based Doctor Performed “Miraculous” Surgical Operation

Margaret Boemer went for a routine ultrasound 16 weeks into ...
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Nigeria to spend $10bn to end conflict in oil-rich Niger Delta

Nigeria will invest $10bn (£8bn) in its oil-rich south to ...
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Oba of Benin

The World Witnessed the Coronation of the Oba of Benin

Royal fathers, religious leaders, retired army generals and members of ...
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Omar Bashir

Why African Countries Are Leaving The ICC

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Until this week, no country had withdrawn ...
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Group offers N1 million for essay on solution to Nigeria’s recession

The Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies, an international ...
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APC Imbroglio: Is Bola Tinubu Guilty? – Abiodun KOMOLAFE

Bola Ahmed Tinubu's call on John Odigie-Oyegun to resign as ...
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Black Lives Matter in Naija Too – By Tony Ogunlowo

Recently there has been an international uproar at the number ...
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Meet Nigerian MIT Grad – Plans To Build First STEM School

Most graduates of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ...
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Marriott Expands Into Africa

A little more than a week after becoming the largest ...
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Youth Restiveness, Militancy and the Intractable Problems Of The Niger Delta

By Austin Emaduku -  Let me begin by thanking the organizers ...
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October 1 – Nigeria Celebrates Independence Day

Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea, has ...
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  1. ObibaJoe says:

    Africa have a long way to go. I dont see why our leaders can’t go out of the continent and recruit smart intelligent Africans with good ideas to help our people. If China can sponsor companies in china to aquire Intellectual properties by stealing to go help it economy, why can’t Africa ? Africa has all the natural resources there is so why are our leaders putting our monies in switch banks and signing agreement that doesn’t benefit the people. WHY? This makes me sick and I am tied of this nonsense.