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Nigeria Igbos In Diaspora Irate Over Texas-based Nigerian Doctor For Calling Xenophobic Attack On Igbos

Many Nigerian Igbos in the Texas area have recently been concerned about the comment of one Dallas-based Nigerian doctor, Adeniran Abraham Ariyo. They believe that Doctor [more]

David Cameron, Samuel Miliband And The Next British Prime Minister – By Dr. Moshood Fayemiwo

David Cameron, Samuel Miliband And The Next British Prime Minister – By Dr. Moshood FayemiwoThere is something funny about the way politics is played in Great Britain. British politics is also unique; no written constitution but only traditions, old rules and [more]

South Africa seeks diplomatic support to defeat anti-immigrant unrest

South Africa seeks diplomatic support to defeat anti-immigrant unrestSouth Africa sought diplomatic support from countries across the continent on Friday to defeat the "demon" of anti-immigrant violence in which at least four people have [more]

Buhari Should Fill His Cabinet With Geniuses

Buhari Should Fill His Cabinet With GeniusesBy Bayo Oluwasanmi - Here is my radical suggestion: President-elect Muhammadu Buhari should pick the smartest people he can find for his cabinet. With the presidential [more]

Sweet Dieziani! Sweet Goodluck! Sweet Asylum! Part 3

Sweet Dieziani! Sweet Goodluck! Sweet Asylum! Part 3By Obinna Akukwe - Sweet Asylum is probably waiting for Nigeria’s Oil minister, Sweet! Diezani Madueke if the Buhari regime takes off by May 29th, except a concession is [more]

Nigerians In The Diaspora Condemn South Africa Xenophobia - Paul Omoruyi

Nigerians In The Diaspora Condemn South Africa Xenophobia - Paul OmoruyiIn the last of couple of days, Nigerians in the diaspora have monitored closely the brutal and barbaric killings of fellow Africans by South Africa mobs. We hereby want [more]

Epilogue To Jonathan Years: Voting Is The Best Revenge

Epilogue To Jonathan Years: Voting Is The Best RevengeBy Bayo Oluwasanmi - Seventeen years ago, it was a huge relief to Nigerians when the man died. Sanni Abacha Nigeria's de facto President  from 1993-1998 was forcibly [more]

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Nigeria Globalcom Addresses Service Quality Issues



As its response to the challenges of quality of service (QoS), Globacom said it has earmarked $100 million for the upgrade of its switches to redefine its subscribers’ experience on its data network. Its ongoing equipment swapping project will see more than 60 per cent of its base transmission stations (BTS) across the country replaced with third generation (3G) facilities, the telco said in Lagos while outlining steps it has taken so far to improve QoS….

19 Words That Will Make People Like You MoreProfessional-WordsWant to make a better first impression and engender positive feelings that last a long time? Focus on what you say as much as what you do. First impressions can lead to lasting impressions. So to improve, a lot of people will tell you to dress better, read more (so you’ll have interesting things to talk about), and ensure that your online presence is respectable (because many people will check you out online before meeting in person)…..
China-Nigeria-FlagImpact Of China’s Reforms On NigeriaIn 2012 Chinese investment in Nigeria was $15.6 billion (the highest in sub-Saharan Africa), according to The Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based think-thank. These investments, most of them contracts, were in the technology, transport, real estate and energy sectors. Fifty-three percent were…..
Mapping The Broadband Investment Opportunities In NigeriaIn a world of increasing internet activity and dependence, prospective investors are in for high return on investment in broadband infrastructural development or in content delivery services. Nigeria investment opportunity will definitely be remembered as the story before broadband and after broadband! The consensus of many telecom financial experts after Nigeria telecoms mobile growth trajectory is that data transmission will be the next major area of investment opportunity…
African Leaders Among Twitter’s ‘Most Conversational Leaders’Africa is home to some of the most conversational leaders on Twitter, according to the latest Twiplomacy report – a leading global study on world leaders using Twitter. The tweets of Ugandan Prime Minister @AmamaMbabazi, Rwanda’s President@PaulKagame and Rwanda’s Foreign Minister @LMushikiwabo are almost exclusively @replies to their followers. Seventy-one percent of African leaders are on Twitter….
Growing Africa’s Intra-Trade PotentialHow to break the colonial legacy of exporting goods ‘overseas’ and raise the level of trade between African countries? This has been an issue the African Union (AU) has grappled with since it devoted its January 2012 summit to the issue of ‘Intra-African trade’. The annual Economic Development in Africa report by the United Nations….

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